L'emarie Nutritive Repair Hair Mask / Keratin Hair Treatment - Deep Conditioner Treatment for Dry, Damaged Hair, Hair Growth and Color Treated Hair with Argain Oil, Coconut Oil, Keratin & Silk Amino Acids - All Hair Types

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Manufacturer Description

L'emarie Nutritive Repair Hair Mask is a deep conditioner treatment for dry, damaged, color treated hair. This treatment triples as an Argan Oil Hair Mask, Macadamia Hair Mask and Coconut Oil Hair Mask for its unique combination of these vital nutrients. The L'emarie stands out for its use of quality and effective ingredients. The hair mask also contains Wheat Germ, Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Oat Oil, Biotin and Nettle. These premium ingredients foster deep moisture without creating a greasy build-up on the hair and scalp and also foster hair growth and scalp health.

The L'emarie Nutritive Repair Hair Mask is an essential part of a normal hair care routine. With all of the environmental and styling damage done to hair, it is so important to add a deep conditioner treatment to your routine to repair damage and support hydration, strength and overall health. Here are the key benefits of using the L'emarie Nutritive Repair Hair Mask:

Repair: Deep conditioning can restore your hair to a healthy state. The infusion of key nutrients will feed the scalp and hair and allow moisture to deeply penetrate into the hair shaft.

Maintain: Once hair is in a healthy state, the hair mask works to maintain a healthy balance of moisture and nutrients in the hair. It keeps hair healthy and revitalized for shine, volume, smooth, frizz-free hair. The hair mask maintains hair health despite daily wear and tear.

Enhance: The L'emarie Hair Mask primes the hair for hair growth and rids of hair loss and common scalp conditions such as dandruff. Your hair will look thicker and fuller and healthier than ever before.

Product Features

ALL DAY SOFTNESS & MANAGEABILITY: L'emarie's Nutritive Repair Hair Mask with argan oil, coconut oil, keratin and silk is formulated to deeply penetrate the hair and tame frizzy, dry, damaged hair. The hair treatment makes detangling hair a breeze while preventing breakage. The hair mask increases hair elasticity and moisture, adds shine and luster and replenishes hair strength while promoting hair growth. L'EMARIE'S NUTRITIVE HAIR MASK OFFERS: A deep conditioning hair treatment to strengthen & protect hair and promote hair growth. The mask seals in moisture to retain balanced hydration. The hair mask generates silkiness & shine, reduces frizz and restores a healthy look & feel to hair. The L'emarie hair mask is perfect for color-treated, over-processed & heat damaged hair to strengthen the shaft and prevent breakage and damage. The nutritive hair mask provides UVA/UVB protection from sun damage. RESTORES HEALTHY HAIR & PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH: L'emarie's hair mask restores the natural beauty of your hair and rids of breakage, dryness, tangling, split ends, frizz & loss of volume. Wheat Germ & Coconut Oil are rich in nutrients that moisturize hair without creating a greasy build-up. The hair mask contains Keratin to protect and reinforce your hair while smoothing frizz. Silk Amino Acids allow the moisture to easily penetrate the hair and defend against dryness and breakage. HAIR MASK WITH NUTRITIVE INGREDIENTS: L'emarie's nutrient-packed ingredients create strong, hydrated hair. Macadamia & Argan Oil naturally contain fatty acids, making them favorites for strength & nourishment. These non-greasy oils coat the hair, calming frizz, tangles & dullness. Coconut oil,used since ancient times, prevents hair loss and strengthens & nourishes hair. Keratin & Silk Amino Acids penetrate, protect and seal moisture into the hair, eliminating dryness, breakage & split ends. When to use a "hair mask"? Using a hair mask year-round is vital to maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair. The L'emarie hair mask can be used with every wash or once per week for a deep conditioner treatment. L'emarie's Nutritive Repair Hair Mask is a product for men and women and intended for all hair types. Regardless of your hair type, this hair mask will infuse the hair with lasting moisture and leave your hair looking AMAZING!

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